Project Impact

About Project Impact

Expectations of Participants

Project Impact has certain standards and policies that must be upheld. These five areas will help to unify us for the summer as we focus on Christ.

Relational Values

  1. I will attempt to put the goals and interests of others above my own.
  2. I will attempt to live an honest, open life before others.
  3. I will attempt to give and receive Spiritual correction.
  4. I will attempt to clear up relationships.
  5. I will attempt to live out a servant attitude and do my part to participate in the ministry of Project Impact and my summer Church.
  6. I will attempt to live out a generous lifestyle with my time and money.
  7. I will attempt to follow spiritual leadership within scriptural limits and make it a joy for my leaders.


  1. Honor the Lord with your appearance (modesty is the rule).
  2. No men in women’s bedrooms and vice versa.
  3. Promiscuous behavior, drugs, alcohol and a rebellious spirit are intolerable and grounds for immediate removal.

Excellence and Credibility

  1. Receive approval of the Project Directors to miss work.
  2. Be on time to work and follow all policies for your job.  Leave the complaining at home.
  3. Participants will focus on Christ-centered, same-sex friendships.  Therefore, there is no dating among Project Impact participants during the course of the summer.
  4. Promptly participate and do your part. All activities and functions should be attended on time.
  5. Respect others and their stuff. Serve others by helping keep your apartment clean.
  6. Sustain 40 hour a week job at Project Impact. Project Staff must approve the job. 
  7. The over-use of technology (i.e. I-pods, computers, internet, blogs, Facebook, cell phones, text messaging) hinders your ability to build relationships with people at Project Impact and work. The use of these items during any project activity is forbidden. During your free time, keep the use of such items to a minimum so that you can fulfill Project Impact goals.


  1. Communicate and make sure leaders know where you are.
  2. No attendance at clubs, bars or casinos.
  3. Curfew: Weeknights - in by 11:00 pm, Weekends - in by 12:00 am
  4. No leaving the Project without consent from the Project Directors.
  5. The Project Directors must approve all overnight guests.

Espirit D’ Corps

  1. Cohesiveness: We work and do things as a team. We’re loyal, trust each other and think the best of each other until proven wrong.  - 1 Corinthians 1:10
  2. Proactively Acting: We take action and initiative. We have a “Can-Do” attitude. - Philippians 4:13 
  3. Pursue Excellence: We do sharp things in a sharp way. We do things with excellence. - 1 Corinthians 10:31 
  4. Inclusive Attitude: We value people and want to do things that allow others to be apart of what we do. Join with us! - Acts 5:14