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Our History

Max Barnett’s testimony serves as the background from which Project Impact came.

While in college Max traveled and taught others how to share their faith on campus. One night at Tennessee Tech he suggested this idea. A group of the guys would move to a city in the summer, get jobs, join a church, and he (Max) would teach them all he knew about walking with God in the evenings.  They would do Bible studies, memorize verses, etc..

The next day Max met a guy who worked with Billy Graham’s follow-up team.  He shared with Max how Dawson Trotman would have college guys live with him during the summers.  The men would get jobs, and Trotman would teach them all he knew about God, and living the Christian life.  In that moment, Max knew that the calling on his life was not to just share his faith to a lost world, but to establish Christian young men and women in Christian disciplines as well. At this time Max was still a college student.

During the following years the desire for a summer training program never left Max. He knew people needed to work to earn money for school, but he also saw the impact a summer of training could be on a student’s life.

In the summer of 2000, Max saw the first steps of that vision realized.  Project Impact, then called “High Point,” was created at Glorieta, New Mexico.  High Point participants worked at Glorieta’s conference center, and did discipleship training during their off time. After a few years it was aparent that the program needed to be different.  In the summer of 2003 “High Point” officially became “Project Impact”.

Project Impact got its start in an extremely hot Phoenix, Arizona, but was then moved to Chicago, Illinois from 2004-2007. Since 2004 Project Impacts have been held in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, and Costa Mesa and Riverside, California. 2013 saw the first Project Impact in Kansas City, KS. Our newest location!

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