Project Impact

For Parents

Dear Parents,

It is our pleasure to have your son or daughter on board with us this summer at Project Impact. During college your student faces questions far more difficult than any classroom exam. They will choose what they value, and the priorities that will govern their direction. For most of the students who participate in Project Impact, this means they have decided to move toward learning how to walk with God and honor Him with their lives. Our goal is to help them do that through Project Impact. Parents often have questions concerning the specifics or how the summer will go for their son or daughter. We want to help you know those details so we have answered some general questions below.

Will I be able to be in contact with my son or daughter?

Yes, your student will be able to call you when they have free time during the day.

How much will this cost?

It depends on the specific project that your student applies to. All detailed information about each project can be found by going to the specific project page that your son or daughter has applied to. Also located there is the fundraising packet to help them raise the funds that they will need to attend Project Impact. 

How long does Project last?

The length of the specific project is different for each Project. The detailed information about each project can be found by going to the apply page and clicking on the specific project that your son or daughter has applied to.

Where will my son or daughter live for the summer?

The participants will live on a college campus or conference center grounds. More information about specific living arrangements for each Project location can be found on each Project's information page.

How does my student get to the Project location?

Transportation to and from each Project is not included in the price of the projects. If your student has a car, we strongly recommend that they bring it so that they will have transportation to and from work. If your students does not have a car and needs to fly to the Project location, they will need to follow the specific travel instructions for their project and arrange for someone to pick them up from the airport before hand.

What happens to the money they make at their job?

Your student will keep all of the pay that they receive from the job that they have during the summer.